Saturday, 17 August 2019

IFR Asia Outlook for Indian Borrowers Roundtable 2016: Part 4

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  • Q1: Do you represent
  • Q2: When you raise funds from the capital markets, are you responsible for
  • Q3: In which markets have you borrowed since January 2014?
  • Q4: How many times have you accessed each of these markets since January 2014?
  • Q5: How much have you raised from the bond market in total since January 2014 (US$=INR60)?
  • Q6: How much have you raised from the syndicated bank loan market in total since January 2014 (US$=INR60)?
  • Q7: As you assess financing opportunities and your own funding requirements in 2016, do you plan to transition between markets to complement existing sources?
  • Q8: Do you have promoter financings outstanding?
  • Q9: What are your major concerns pertaining to financing availability in the coming year?
  • Q10: Has the domestic reform agenda of the current administration around capital markets facilitated your access to financing?
  • Q11: Please specify use of proceeds

IFR India borrowers survey

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