Thursday, 18 July 2019

India: The pivotal moment

India: The pivotal moment

IFR Asia - India 2014

India’s capital markets are approaching a pivotal moment. After Narendra Modi’s landslide election victory earlier this year, initial enthusiasm has begun to give way to lingering doubts that the new regime can deliver on its reform agenda.

People work at a brick kiln near Hlawga Village, 35km north of Yangon.

Asian Issuers: Building blocks for the future

IFR Asia - Asian Issuers 2014

As Asia’s capital markets hurtle towards the end of another busy year, signs of the region’s maturity are becoming clearer. Deal volumes are up, as rising equity valuations and low borrowing costs lure more issuers into the financing markets. More importantly, the range of products is also growing as Asia’s markets become deeper and more sophisticated.

A shaolin monk breaks an iron sheet with his head during a performance at a temple in Quanzhou, Fujian.

Renminbi Capital Markets: Showing new strength

IFR Asia - Renminbi Capital Markets 2014

A little volatility can be a good thing. For years, since China began opening its currency to overseas buyers, investors have had a free ride. The renminbi has steadily gained about 25% against the US dollar, making the overseas Dim Sum market one of the world’s biggest one-way bets.

Workers climb up a newly installed high voltage electricity pylon in Chuzhou, Anhui province.

Debt Capital Markets: Reaching new heights

IFR Asia - Debt Capital Markets 2014

Asia’s debt capital markets are enjoying another record year. Excluding Japan and Australasia, total G3 bond issuance up to mid-June had passed the US$100bn mark, according to Thomson Reuters data, putting Asia on track for a full-year total of US$200bn.

Participants in a rocket competition cheer after their rocket was successfully launched during the rocket festival also known as  “Bun Bangfai” in Yasothon, north-east of Bangkok.

Banking Asia’s Blue-Chips - Raising the bar

IFR Asia - Banking Asia’s Blue-Chips 2014

Asia’s blue-chip companies have always demanded a lot of their bankers. In recent years, however, those demands have begun to shift.

An employee of the Korea Exchange Bank holds banknotes from different countries for hotographs at the main office of the Korea Exchange Bank in this picture illustration taken in Seoul.

Asian Development Bank: Shoring up defences

IFR Asia - Asian Development Bank 2014

If Asia needed a reminder of the dangers of global capital markets, the setting for this year’s Asian Development Bank’s annual meeting is a good place to start.

A performer from the Jiangxi Acrobatic Troupe balances a set of glasses and a vase on her nose during a Chinese New Year show in Singapore.

South-East Asia: Stability returns

IFR Asia - South East Asia 2014

South-East Asia’s capital markets were sent reeling in the middle of 2013, when the first hints at an end to the easy-money policies of the US savaged the world’s emerging markets. That even the weakest economies managed to stave off a full-blown crisis, however, is an important source of comfort.

Young boys roll a giant snowball in a park after a heavy snowfall in Oxford,  England.

Outlook for Asian Credit: Keeping the momentum

IFR Asia - Outlook for Asian Credit 2014

The outlook for Asia’s credit markets is far less clear today than it was 12 months ago, but the region’s ongoing financing needs should ensure that the ball keeps rolling even in some rough terrain.