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Asian issuers: A breakthrough year

IFR Asia - Asian issuers 2012

Over the past year or so, the high-level view of Asia’s funding markets would have revealed an alarming split. The debt capital markets are enjoying a breakthrough year, with international bond sales from the region running at an all-time high and companies locking in ever-lower interest rates. However, a lack of confidence in global economic growth has ravaged equity financing. Companies have been forced to shelve countless attempted listings, and bankers’ jobs are at risk.

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Debt Capital Markets: Leading the way

IFR Asia - Debt Capital Markets 2012

Something remarkable is happening in Asia’s debt capital markets. Volumes are soaring across the board, new issues are performing well, and confidence is running high.

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Greater China: Nervous moments

IFR Asia - Greater China 2012

Looking back at this publication 12 months ago, it’s striking how little has changed. This time last year, concerns over China’s slowing economic growth were pushing investors to the sidelines. Analysts were worried that a hard landing for the economy would roil global markets, wiping out trillions of dollars of equity and wreaking havoc on currencies and commodities with close ties to the People’s Republic.

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Equity Capital Markets: In search of a silver lining

IFR Asia - Equity Capital Markets 2012

Anyone with a vested interest in Asia’s equity-capital markets must be finding it tough to stay optimistic.

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Asian Development Bank – Foreword

IFR Asia - Asian Development Bank 2012

Manila is a familiar setting for most ADB staff. Even those accustomed to fighting the city’s traffic on the commute to the bank’s Ortigas base, however, are worried about the strain this year’s annual meeting will place on Manila’s creaking transport infrastructure.

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South East Asia - Foreword

IFR Asia - South East Asia 2012

South-East Asia does not get as much spotlight as China and India do, but that is a basic injustice rather than a comment on the region’s performance. The region has demonstrated resilience even as the global economy has struggled and its capital markets boast an impressive growth story, one that shows few signs of slowing.

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Outlook for Asian Credit - Foreword

IFR Asia - Outlook for Asian Credit 2012

Not long ago, the slightest hint of volatility in the global markets would have left Asian issuers frozen out of the international bond markets. When the US sneezed, Asia caught a cold – to invoke an overused phrase.