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Middle East report 2011

Middle East Report

21 October 2011

The remarkable political events in the Middle East this year have made their mark on the local capital markets, but confidence in the region - both as a capital markets hub and as a deal generating region - remains.

Foreword - Safe from harm?

Foreword - Safe from harm?

IFR Asia - Asian Issuers 2011

After rebounding quickly from the 2008 credit crunch, Asia, once again, faces a threat from a crisis not of its own making.

India 2011_cover

IFR Asia - India Report 2011

IFR Asia - India 2011

India has all the right ingredients. Yet, instead of producing a delightful dish to tempt even the most sceptical of emerging markets investors, its recipe is in danger of leaving a rather bad taste.



IFR Asia - Debt Capital Markets 2011

The Asian debt capital markets have finally made it to the global scene. After years of fairly lacklustre primary activity, with Korean financial institutions and cash-strapped governments at the forefront, the range of Asian issuers in the international markets now covers a broad cross-section from emerging sovereigns to policy banks, from Double A lenders to Single B industrials, and bond issues seem to be near the top of every regional treasurer’s mind.The question remains, however, whether or not such rich pickings are here to stay. Does the rise in international DCM issuance signal a shift in mindset among Asian funding officials, or is it simply a response to some extraordinary conditions in the US dollar market? The chance to borrow at ultra-low interest rates in a currency that is depreciating against the Asian basket is surely



IFR Asia - Greater China 2011

China is attracting more than its usual share of negative headlines, from corporate scandals to slowing growth. Short sellers have taken aim at companies across the country, and fund managers are hedging their bets against a crash. Are they right to be worried?

ECM 11 foreword


IFR Asia - Equity Capital Markets 2011

The timing of this year’s Asian ECM report could have hardly been better. Across the region – if not the world – markets are at a crossroads. The formidable recovery of 2009–10 has led to the inevitable question: have markets rallied too far?

Asian Development Bank 2011


IFR Asia - Asian Development 2011

Vietnam’s capital city is, in many ways, the perfect setting for this year’s Asian Development Bank annual governors’ meeting.

South East Asia 2011


IFR Asia - South-East Asia 2011

Inflation is the bogey man stalking South-East Asia’s apparently resilient economies and robust capital markets. The region shrugged off the global financial crisis in handsome style, returning quickly to rapid economic growth, enjoying the fruits of buoyant currencies and delivering lusty stock market returns.

Outlook for Asian Credit 2011


IFR Asia - Outlook for Asian Credit 2011

Asia’s credit markets have entered 2011 in fine form. After an unprecedented run for emerging markets in 2010, confidence in Asian bonds is running high. The international debt capital markets have finally established themselves as an essential tool for the region’s fastgrowing private companies – not just public sector agencies – and global investors have shifted their Asian allocations to overweight.