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IFR Asia is an invaluable source of insightful news and analysis about the regions capital markets and investment banking industry. It covers not just international deals but also the domestic markets that are becoming ever more significant for Asias issuers, investors and bankers.

The magazine is staffed by a team of specialist independent reporters, analysts and editors many of them former market professionals based in bureaux in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

Each week IFR Asia provides the insight and intelligence that helps investment and commercial bankers, issuers and investors perform at their best, highlighting potential deals and important trends, and keeping them updated on their competitors activities. Written from an independent viewpoint each IFR Asia provides authoritative and unbiased coverage of all aspects of regional capital markets activity, based on unparalled access to decision makers and key market participants.

Advertising Solutions

IFR Asia offers a range of formats through which you can get your message across to your target audience, thus ensuring it provides a marketing solution for every need.

IFR Asia Weekly is the vehicle for you if you are advertising your brand, a product or strength in a specific asset class.

IFR Asia Special Reports are annual reviews, offering an editorial environment, which discusses a geographical region or specific asset class.

IFR Asia Roundtables are events, that allow you to participate in and sponsor an editorially lead initiative, where industry leaders discuss up to the minute products/asset classes.

IFR Asia Guides in association with IFR, guides are editorial platforms allowing the sponsoring institution to position themselves as an educational arbiter in the market place. Being highly creative and flexible, this format provides a powerful multi marketing instrument geared to promote and analyse specifically your business, incorporating views from other key players.

Advertising rates and a list of forward features are available on request. To obtain a quote, package offer or to simply to discuss any of the formats in more detail please contact us.

All queries and materials to:

Advertising Sales Contacts


Shahid Hamid

Tel: +65 9755 5031

Production Contact

Gloria Balbastro
Global Advertising Production Manager
30 South Colonnade
Canary Wharf,
E14 5EP,
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7542 4348

Americas & EMEA

Leonie Welss

Tel: +44 (0)20 7542 7752

Copy deadlines

IFR is published on Saturday of each week.

IFR Weekly: Thursday of publication week
IFR Special Reports/Guides/Roundtables: Three weeks before publication date.

IFR keep advertising copy for up to one year before it is discarded.

Cancellation deadlines

Thomson Reuters IFR's Terms and Conditions apply, i.e.
IFR Weekly: In writing, FOUR WEEKS prior to publication date
IFR Special Reports: In writing, SIX WEEKS prior to publication date
IFR Review of the Year: In writing, EIGHT WEEKS prior to publication date
IFR Roundtables: In writing, EIGHT WEEKS prior to publication date

Printing details

Please ensure that all advertisements are set up as CMYK.

Method: Offset litho
Rotation: Black, magenta, cyan, yellow