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About IFR Asia

International Financing Review Asia (IFR Asia) is Asia’s most authoritative capital markets magazine, with unrivalled coverage of bond, loan and equity markets plus important trends and news. It not only offers insightful analysis of high-profile international deals but also provides comprehensive and knowledgeable coverage of the all-important domestic markets. IFR Asia provides market-leading analysis of debt restructuring throughout the region.

IFR Asia maintains the largest editorial team of any Asian capital markets publication with analysts and journalists based in offices throughout the region (Singapore, Hong Kong & Tokyo).

This commitment to editorial excellence gives IFR Asia unparalleled access to and relationships with decision makers and key participants. And it explains why IFR Asia is so well positioned to provide such comprehensive regional capital markets coverage each week – data, analysis, and commentary on every single significant issue across all asset classes: debt, equities, derivatives, loans and more.

Established in 1997, IFR Asia continues to reach into the Asian investment banking world like no other magazine.

About adds daily updates through the week to IFR Asia’s comprehensive coverage – plus a searchable archive going back to 1997, and a two-year rolling deals database.

Recent upgrades to include:

Mobile-friendly design

Most importantly,’s new responsive design automatically re-sizes the site to the device you’re using - desktop, tablet or smartphone – so you can keep up to date with IFR Asia’s news and commentary on the move.


You can now build an advanced search using multiple filters – including asset class, currency, country, and date – giving you more precision when searching IFR Asia’s archive. And your search terms are now highlighted in the results, making it easier to identify the content you’re looking for.


We've added a new Latest News tab so you can quickly access the most recent stories, and we’ve focused the main navigation on asset classes (you can still navigate by country once you click through to your chosen asset class). Finally, we've consolidated league table and deals data under a single ‘Data’ tab.

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