Thursday, 18 April 2019


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  • London Disconnect

    Did Brexit just derail the Shanghai-London Stock Connect link?

  • Praising Jakarta

    Well done, Indonesia. The stand-out deal of the last week in Asia’s capital markets came from – of all places – the Indonesian government.

  • Perpetual trouble

    It is an open secret in the capital markets that perpetual bonds do not, in fact, last forever. That message, however, has yet to make it to China’s ruling classes.

  • Done deal

    Institutional investors can move on. SoftBank Corp’s record IPO is practically a done deal, even before bookbuilding begins.

  • London landmarks

    The introduction of the Shanghai-London stock trading link has enormous political significance for the governments at each end of the connection. In capital markets terms, however, its success will boil down to two things: price, and liquidity.

  • A better Masala recipe

    Masala bonds are finally back on the menu for Indian companies after an eight-month diet, but bankers and issuers should not be expecting a feast.

  • Off-market thinking

    Chinese banks may have to rethink the way they approach issuance in the US dollar bond markets.

  • Joint adventures

    It’s tempting to think that tensions between China and the US will put American banks at a disadvantage in the battle to make decent money in China’s domestic capital markets. Rivals, however, may not want to get too complacent.

  • Marketing Malaysia

    Malaysia may have been through its biggest political change since independence, but the new leadership is still just as determined to make its mark on the capital markets.

  • Shanghai bored

    China market watchers can be forgiven for thinking they’ve heard this one before: a new technology board is in the works that will catapult the country’s equity markets into the 21st century.