Thursday, 18 April 2019


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  • Welcome back, Dr M

    Financial markets never like the uncertainty that comes with political change, but Malaysia’s transition to a new government is worthy of special attention.

  • Leap of faith

    Xiaomi’s giant IPO is widely seen as a turning point for Hong Kong, and for China’s technology sector. So far, it’s looking more like a leap of faith.

  • On the right track

    The Asian Development Bank is cosying up to the private sector, if last week’s annual meetings are anything to go by. In capital markets terms, that is long overdue.

  • Popularity contest

    Hong Kong’s stock exchange is making the most of its new-found popularity. When it comes to the capital markets, however, there’s no telling how long it will last.

  • The magic number

    Three may be a particularly auspicious number in many cultures, but Asian issuers had little to cheer as 10-year US Treasury yields crossed the symbolic 3% barrier last week.

  • New economy, old rules

    When it comes to attracting stock market listings from the new economy, China’s old IPO rules are getting in the way.

  • Connecting capital

    The new links between China’s onshore bond market and the rest of the world are not just delivering more investors for renminbi bonds. They are also importing international standards to the mainland market.

  • Promises, promises

    For all the hype around last week’s statements, China’s pledge to open up its financial markets looks a lot like lip service.

  • Vietnamese dreams

    Vietnam’s IPO boom is beginning to look like the moment investors in the frontier market have been waiting for. They need to be careful, however, not to get carried away.

  • Hazard a guess

    Countries with plentiful natural resources often suffer problems in their economic development as a result. Singapore has no natural resources. But it does have something that can be similarly distorting: an over-abundance of cash that upsets the balance between risk and reward in the bond market.