Friday, 19 July 2019

20th Anniversary Special Issue 2017

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  • Welcome to the 1,000th issue of IFR Asia

    Welcome to the 1,000th issue of IFR Asia

    2017 is a significant year in the history of Asia’s financial markets. It is now 20 years since the devaluation of the Thai baht marked the beginning of a crippling financial crisis that rippled across Asia. It’s also 20 years since Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule, following the handover of the former British colony.

  • Just a matter of time

    Just a matter of time

    Twenty years after the Asian financial crisis, the region’s economies are stronger and its finances more secure. While lessons have been learned, however, some flaws remain unresolved, and China’s dominance has brought with it new risks.

  • Hong Kong: Simmering along

    Twenty years after colonial rule, Hong Kong’s relationship with China is once again a source of anxiety.

  • Turning tables

    Turning tables

    Asia’s investment banking industry has been through its fair share of upheaval over the past 20 years, and regulatory pressures and rising competition are adding to the challenges. What does it take to be successful in Asian banking today?

  • Appetite for disruption

    Financial technology is upending supply chains and payment systems around the world, but has yet to disrupt major capital financing. Will it ever transform the primary capital markets?

  • Rethinking regulation

    The impact of financial technology companies on the traditional banking sector will depend on the attitude of regulators, says Avinder Bindra.

  • DBS Chief Executive Officer Piyush Gupta speaks during an event in Mumbai, India.

    Tipping point

    The rise of financial technology has brought banking to a critical juncture, where incumbent institutions must adapt to stay relevant, says Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS Bank.

  • Hidden in plain sight

    Hidden in plain sight

    IFR Asia’s first issue came off the presses on March 8 1997, and painted a mixed picture of pre-crisis Asia. While Indonesia’s capital markets were clearly roaring, things were already looking rocky in Thailand.

  • Whose big idea was this anyway?

    Whose big idea was this anyway?

    Only months after IFR Asia’s first issue in March 1997, Thailand had given up on its currency and the Asian financial crisis was in full flow. IFR Asia was left asking the same questions as many of its readers: what do we do now?

  • Bonding with Hong Kong: James Griffiths

    We asked some former colleagues for memories of their time at IFR Asia. Happily, they haven’t forgotten how to tell a good story

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