Saturday, 24 June 2017

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  • ICBC Chairman_Yi Huiman_ifraweb

    ICBC looks to future challenges

    The head of China’s largest bank sees credit risks, interest rate liberalisation and fintech as the biggest challenges for the country’s banking sector.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Fits and starts for fintech

    I gave fintech something of a mauling in this column a year ago, or at least in its application to the bond markets. I wrote that it was unlikely to supplant the old fashioned face-to-face or voice-to-voice modus operandi which continues to prevail in the primary markets and a large swathe of the secondary market.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Perpetually wrong? One hopes not

    If it looks like a bubble, feels like a bubble… okay, you know how that one goes. These days, I can’t help feeling that this may be an apt metaphor for foreign currency bonds issued in Taiwan’s Formosa bond market. But maybe I’m just too early.

  • Keith Mullin_2015_ifraweb

    Private Asian infrastructure funding? Forget it!

    Chatter around Asia’s infrastructure funding gap has reached fever pitch, but I’m tired of the thrust of a discussion that’s shrouded in policy, politics and hope.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    ESG lessons for Trump

    Barely a week goes by that the global ESG community doesn’t have something tangible to crow about. Even when the news is apparently negative, such as the withdrawal of the United States from the 2015 Paris climate change agreement, no matter: ESG wonks can at least claim the moral high ground as they throw their arms in the air at President Trump’s crassness.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Much ado about Moody's

    Moody’s one-notch downgrade of China’s long-term credit rating last week came as something of a shock to the market, although it didn’t take a crystal ball to see it coming.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Education the answer to Trump turmoil

    I’ve refrained from writing about the Donald Trump administration in this column for a while. In part, I wanted to avoid adding to the overcrowding effect in the media, but it was also because markets were behaving themselves sufficiently that any comment on the background noise from the White House seemed like a distraction from the main event: the rise of US stocks and the dollar.

  • Independence day

    China may be trying to hammer home the point that local governments should not be responsible for bonds issued by their funding vehicles, but investor demand would evaporate overnight if anyone thought that was actually true.

  • Virtuous circle

    It has taken five years and one month, but the Indian government last week finally managed to complete the IPO of a state-owned company for the first time since it sold civil engineering group NBCC in April 2012.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Spurious spice

    Here’s a syllogism for you (readers of this column with an awareness of the ancient world will know that this is a form of argument from ancient Greece which deploys deductive reasoning): Asian currencies are hot right now; the Indian offshore bond market, otherwise known as the Masala bond market, is denominated in Asian currency; therefore, the Masala bond market is hot right now.

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