Wednesday, 20 March 2019


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  • Political capital

    Political capital

    Asian regulators decided the outcome of more capital markets deals in 2013 than any investment banker, with efforts to improve liquidity and transparency across the region. The real fruits of their labours, however, may become clear only in years to come.

  • Sleeping giant awakes

    Sleeping giant awakes

    Japan’s unprecedented monetary experiment has won it a cautious approval from the rest of Asia, but much is riding on the country’s ability to deliver on its promises. 

  • Divining intentions

    Divining intentions

    China’s foreign policy approach is putting a greater emphasis on global diplomacy, while ensuring its dominance in Asia. That strategy, however, has made nations in the region wary of China’s true intentions.

  • Welcome back, China

    Welcome back, China

    Global investment firms in Asia have started to refocus their businesses on China, after a year when South-East Asia dominated the fee tables

  • On firmer Ground

    On firmer Ground

    The US Federal Reserve took the region’s foreign-exchange markets on a wild ride in 2013, but emerging Asia’s improved economic fundamentals and Japan’s push to reinvigorate its economy should be enough to stave off any future disaster.

  • Last bond blowout?

    Last bond blowout?

    Asia’s debt markets rocketed to a record in 2013. It was far from plain sailing, though, and investors’ reluctance to embrace some of the riskier issuers and structures means far greater difficulties are in store for 2014.